Join The Fight Today!

It’s good to see you. We’ve got a long road ahead.

Basic Requirements:
  • You must be physically fit, or training to become so
  • You must be presentable
  • You must be willing to work hard
  • You must display a readiness to attend group functions
  • No homosexuals, transsexuals, or any other form of mental illness
  • No convicted criminals
  • No addictions to drugs, alcohol etc.
  • No degenerate lifestyle choices that do not reflect our traditional values
Include in your application:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Past criminal history
  • What you do for a living (What you study if you are at university) – No need to be extremely specific
  • Your political philosophy/ideology
  • Why you want to join Western Guard
  • How long you have been ‘red pilled’


Disclaimer: Western Guard is not an advocate of lawlessness, and has not committed, nor endorsed the use of violence or criminal activity to achieve our means. Members who wish to commit violent or criminal acts are expelled, and those left are those who assuredly respect the law.